Features of Landscape and Mind
Meditator 3
Giant Holds Owl
Private Pool
Swan Head
Whitby Beach
Angel and Rosette
Torso Form
Head in the clouds at The Granary

My name is Toby Hazel, I am a painter, a woodcarver and a full-time father of three.

I never really chose to be an artist - expressing myself visually is just part of who I am. Art is one of the few things you can throw yourself into entirely - putting everything that you are into the process. By embracing this idea, I allow my art to be as diverse as my own human experience. I have many styles, and the simplicity, immediacy and flexibility of acrylics lends itself well to my approach to painting.

Repeating themes in my artwork are abstraction, the use of the abstract quality of features of nature such as rocks and water, influences from tribal and primitive art, the use of the subconscious to drive the creative process, and a vibrant use of colour. I have been a painter for many years, but more recently I have branched out into wood carving, and I am constantly trying to push myself to achieve higher levels of both intricacy and simple, natural beauty with this challenging art form.

I hope you enjoy my work - there are more than 100 paintings and carvings to view on this website so please have a good look around. I am always delighted to get feedback, so feel free to contact me with any thoughts you have about my work, queries, or for information about sales.