Bright and Still
Golden Ring
Islands in Space
A New Home
Return to Space
To Space, Again
Unreachable Cloud
A Slow Expansion
Microscopic Red Space

Space Gallery

I often visualise space in order to relax or meditate it allows me to escape to my own private universe. The resultant paintings are unlimited in scale and variety, and have an appealing abstract quality.

I start with a completely black canvas, and then build up the painting in many layers. This allows me to develop the subtlety of colour needed to depict gaseous clouds and diffusion of light. In some of the paintings, I have used glue and mixed media to embellish the texture. This gives a pleasing effect, but the process of gluing and drying and then adding more string and glue is very time-consuming, and although I am eager to get on with the painting itself before the image fades in my mind, it is often several days before I can begin painting in earnest.