Whitby Beach
Limpets and Barnacles
Footsteps on Beer Beach
Near Water
Silver Blue Rocks
Leaving Filey Beach
Near Dancing Ledge
At Surprise View, Bloomsday 2010
Near Robin Hood's Stride
Roots, Bloomsday 2011
Hope Valley, Bloomsday 2010
Hoar-frost on wedge-shaped rock
Trees and Snow
Snowy Fields
Cretan Tree
Winter Walk
In the Woods
The Watchers
Sunset from Higger Tor
Wild Grass

Rocks and Trees Gallery

Much of my work is abstract, but I also enjoy painting images from nature that appear to me to have an abstract quality, such as rock faces, the surface of water and tree bark. I try to embrace these abstract features and make the most of the colour within the scene. Many of the rock paintings are close-ups, so the viewer cannot tell the scale of the original scene. I like to find a balance between painterly techniques and accurate representation when painting from nature.

These paintings are of various locations, including both local scenes and images from further afield. Wherever I go I take photographs that I may later use as the basis for paintings. I often revisit old photographs, and it may take several years before I feel I am ready to start turning these recollections of the original experience into a painting.