Beast in the Hills
Man and Dog
Primitive Man
Come and See
Buried for Thousands of Years
Tour of villages, nighttime
Head in the clouds at The Granary
Hidden Message at The Granary
Entrance to the Temple of the Sun
Peducian King
Peducian Temple
An Adventure
Leave the City at Night
Vibrant Action
Vibrant Reflection
Some Kind of Connection

Etched Abstracts Gallery

These paintings use lines 'etched' into wet paint. I typically cover the canvas with a single uniform colour to start with. I let that dry, then paint a fairly thick layer of a different colour on top of the first colour, sometimes using a sponge. I then have a fairly short time to etch a design into the wet paint (typically with the other end of a paint brush) letting the initial colour show through. This is followed by several additional layers. The final effect is usually far removed from the initial colour. I sometimes use wet charcoal to emphasise the etched lines.

I really enjoy painting like this and I am often very pleased with the resultant effect. The process of etching tends to be quite tense - there is an element of risk, especially if I have invested considerable effort into the background. Etching has to be done very quickly (especially for a large canvas) and it is hard to correct mistakes.