Layers of Time
Features of a Narrative
Butterfly's Mind
Global Man
Performance of the Vision on Earth
Performance (Purple and Pink)
All at Once
Interlocking Figures
Perpendicular Man
Little Green Men
At the Bazaar
Within Wheels
Flux Totem

Complex Pattern Abstracts Gallery

With many of my abstract paintings, I think what I am trying to achieve is a visually overwhelming effect. There is so much going on in the painting that it is virtually impossible to take it all in at once in any detail. What you get is an overall impression of the painting, whilst your eyes move from one detail to another. I don't want it just to be so busy that it is a mess; it should still all work together, but the more you look at it, the more your overall impression of it comes into focus. I hope that in this way, you can look at it again and again and have a new experience each time, but each time that experience is a true representation of the painting.

The surface of water is like this - you can't focus on any portion of it for more than a fraction of a second, but you get an overall impression of how the water looks and how it moves.