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Prostrate Figure

20150123_111349I have started a carving of a man partially curled into a ball. Here is a photo of an early stage. The wood is sapele.

I have a little carving of a man rolled into a ball – you may have seen them in shops that sell candles, joss sticks and so on. They are sometimes referred to as The Weeping Buddha/Monk/Warrior. This is my version of that figure (or at least, partially inspired by it).

It is hard going, as the wood is very hard (this is the first time I have used sapele) and I’m struggling to map my 2D sketches into 3D. Also, I have put it on the back burner for a while – I have been working on another carving as a present for a friend for the last 3 days.

More photos to follow (unless I give up!)…

Next stage:


 And the final carving: