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Footsteps on Beer Beach

Footsteps on Beer Beach - Intermediate Steps

Here is my latest painting – ‘Footsteps on Beer Beach’. The painting is of water-filled indentations in the rock on the beach at Beer, Devon. These looked very like footprints, and made me think of the link between my own footsteps and those made by prehistoric man.

On the right is an animated GIF of intermediate stages of the painting. Please forgive the blurry nature of some of the photos and the colour variation!


Standing Lady

Standing Lady

This is an entirely improvised piece I carved from a small branch of cherry using my penknife (and sand paper).

Unlike with most of my more complicated carvings, I had not made any designs or sketches for this piece; I just felt like carving so I picked a piece of wood and started cutting. The lady herself is only about 8cm tall, so it was very fiddly work. I am very pleased with the finished result.