White Horse

White Horse

2010, 61x61cm, Acrylic on box canvas, £285

It is an ambition of mine to build a full-sized white horse on a hillside.

I have a great fear of insignificance - that at the end of my life I will have achieved nothing of importance, nothing enduring, nothing worthy of what seemed like great potential at the start of my life. I believe that we all want to infuse our lives with meaning, and having a lasting effect on one's environment can contribute towards that end.

When the idea of constructing a white horse occurred to me, I felt a great swell of hope. Here was something that was just about achievable, and that could potentially last for a long time after my death. It would be something that would have a significant effect on a landscape - people would be able to see it from miles away. It would add to the character of an area and perhaps people might travel to see it.

There is something particularly English and ancient about hillside white horses (although most visible today date from the 18th century and onwards). It would feel appropriate for me to create something that has been done at many times in the past - linking me in a way to the land and to past generations. I have tried to learn from ancient and tribal art forms, and to create a large-scale piece of art with a pre-historic feel would be a great and satisfying achievement for me.